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Dental Treatment

Teeth Whitening


This procedure is usually done inside the dentist's clinic but you can also get some products at some retail stores. Their prices vary so you can definitely find one that will suit every budget. This kind of treatment is used to eliminate tooth stains and discoloration.

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Dental Implants


This type of dental procedure is a better alternative to traditional dentures because it could give you the kind of teeth that will look and feel more natural. The teeth will be planted directly into the bones so you will not have to worry about your teeth falling off.

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Dental Bridge


This will help eliminate the flat look or effect caused by the absence of teeth. A denture will be placed on the location of the missing tooth and will be connected by a crown. This could definitely bring back the natural appeal of your smile.

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Dental Tourism


Dental tourism (also called dental vacations) is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation. While dental tourists may travel for a variety of reasons, their choices are usually driven by price considerations.Wide variations in the economics of countries with shared borders have been the historical mainstay of the sector. Examples include travel from Austria to Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia, from the US and Canada to Mexico, Costa Rica and Peru, from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine, and from Australia to Thailand and other countries of South-East Asia. While medical tourism is often generalized to travel from high-income countries to low-cost developing economies, other factors can influence a decision to travel, including differences between the funding of public healthcare or general access to healthcare.

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